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Brief of the company.
------Pioneer in electric vehicle power traction

Proud Eagle International ltd was found in 2005 by an Italian company HTM s.r.l and a Chinese company Ao Qiang electronics.The company is located in wuxi city,china,40 minutes away from shanghai by train.

Proud Eagle is dedicated to develop and manufacture power traction components.HTM has 20 years research and experience in electric vehicle field and with the knowledge of HTM,Proud Eagle has developed the most competitive powerful dc brushless hub motor and controller for traction of electric vehicles.The hub motor solution is highly appreciated by its custimers because it gives the best freedom to the designer of the vehicle to arrange the space of the vehicle without considering the space for the motor which is in the wheel.

Proud Eagle is working with HTM and cooperating with STM to develop the next generation brushless motor controller with STM microprocessor.The new solution with ST32 arm microprocessor will improve greatly the performance and reliability.

As partnership with HTM, Proud Eagle has developed electronics instruments for Piaggio electric vehicle project,and is supplying motors and controllers to Ducati energia for mini electric city car. Proud Eagle is supplying motors and electronics to many other customers in Europe as well and enjoys high reputation in the market.

Proud Eagle is flexible to offer customized solution for customers who wish to develop electric vehicles.Our engineers will follow the desire of the customers and work closely with them to give assistance in time.

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