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D03 controller

Brief Introduction:

Vehicle control technology is integrated into this series controller to provide efficient control of 

the three-phase AC motor for the vehicle power drive system, providing the 

most cost-effective design for vehicle developers and providing a flexible, comfortable and 

safe handling experience for vehicle drivers and passengers.

●Applicable to Induction motor and PMSM

●To gain higher power density and overload capacity,SMD MOSFET and aluminum 

plate cooling technology are adopted

●The power supply of control signal can be provided by12VDC or power battery

●High-performance vector control algorithm to achieve full speed range of motor 

speed and precise torque control, improving vehicle power performance and comfort

●Flexible parameter adjustment function meets theexcellent

●Multi-functional I/O terminals, meeting the requirements of different applications

●Integrated high voltage pre-charge circuits, improving the all-in-one design

●Natural cooling, force air and liquid cooling are adopted, covering overall power range

●Customized software available for meeting different requirements of customers

●CAN bus communication and software update by computer programming

Typical Application:

●Applicable to all-electric or hybrid vehicles powered by rated voltage of battery 60 ~ 144 VDC

●Applicable to short-distance passenger cars, sightseeing cars, logistics vans, 

sanitation vehicles andmaterial handling vehicles and other electric vehicles

Key technical features:

Electrical characteristics

 Auxiliary power voltage  6~16V DC  
 Rated battery volt  48V DC  Support 72V and 48V battery
 Input volt range  24V~72V  
 Rated output current  80A  
 Peak output current  280A (3s)  
 Rated output power  2.5kW  
 Peak output power  5kW  
 Highest efficiency  ≥98%  Rated condition
 Output freq range  0.00~600Hz  

Mechanical characteristics

 Dimensions  223*134*77  Please read external dimension below for more details
 Installation dimensions  L*W-Φ=208*119-4Φ6  Please read external dimension below for more details
 Screw torque of protection cover  M4*12,1.4Nm  
 Screw torque of power terminals  M8*(16~20),14~16Nm  B+、B-、U、V、W
 Screw torque of bottom installation plate  M6,19~21Nm  
 Cooling method  Natural Cooling  Air duct is needed

Control characteristics

 Control Mode  Vector control: speed control or torque control
 Encoder type  Magnetic encode (TLE5012B E1000 or AS5047D)
 Speed range  1:1000
 Speed accuracy  ±0.02%
 Start torque  0Hz, 200%
 Torque response  <5ms
 Torque accuracy  ±5%

Basic performances

 Accel/Decel time  0.00~60000s
 Switching frequency  0.7~10kHz
 Frequency set mode  communication or analog input control
 Torque set mode  communication or analog input control
 Stop method  Ramp to stop, coast to stop
 Communication method  CAN bus communication
 Input terminals  Digital:6 Analog:1 Power supply:1 channel
 Output terminals  none
 Motor Type  PMSP or IM
 Motor temperature sensor  NTC、KTY84、PT1000

Unique characteristics

 parameter adjustment and parameter copy/backup through control panel, PC monitoring software upgrade
 Motor parameters auto-turning, field-weakening control, energy feedback, hill-start assist control and three groups of fault record.

Overall protections

 Battery over-voltage  72V  ov1
 Controller over-heat  90℃  oH1
 Motor over-heat  130℃  oH2

 The bearable lowest temperature of controller

 -40℃ oH3 
 Battery under-voltage    LoU
 Controller overload    oL1
 Motor overload    oL2
 Short-circuit between output and aluminum plate    GdP
 Output phase loss    oPL
 Encoder disconnected    CLL
 Auto-tuning failed    tUN
 Speed bias is large    SPL
 Current detection abnormal    CtC
 Power supply is abnormal when running    


 Storage temperature  -40℃~+85℃,GB/T 18488.1
 Ambient temperature  -40℃~+55℃,GB/T 18488.1
 Altitude  0~2000m. De-rate 1% for every 100m when the altitude is above 1000 meters
 Relative humidity  5~95%, condensation allowed , GB/T 18488.1
 salt spray  GB/T 2423.17
 Vibration  Sweep vibration and random vibration, GB/T 18488.1
 IP grade  IP65
 Insulation strength  1500V,1min,≤10mA
 Insulation resistance  1000V,hot insulation resistance> 10MΩ
 Safe grounding  The resistance between controller conductive parts can be reached and the enclosure ground point is less than 0.1Ω

 Controller Signal Connector:


 The connector and terminals models related to vehicle wiring harness:AMP 770520-1/770854-1

Copper core of cable:0.5~1.25mm2, Outer diameter of insulating layer:1.7~2.7mm

 PIN  Signal Name  Definition  Remark
 1  TEMP+  Motor temperature  Motor temperature sensor +
 2  GND  Magnetic encoder -  Magnetic encoder -
 3  5V_EN  Magnetic encoder +  Magnetic encoder +
 4  P  Park  12V effective
 5  5V  Throttle control power
 6  KSI  12V battery + switch

  Low end of CAN

 8  CANH  CANH   High end of CAN
 9  Z-(PWM)  Encoder Z- (PWM)

 Connect to Z- when encoder is TLE5012B E1000

 Connect to PWM when encoder is AS5047D


 A-  Encoder A-  
 11  B-  Encoder B-  
 12  ISD  Throttle control signal  0-5VDS
 13  BC  Side bracket signal

 When 12V side bracket signal is

 enable, the system control is valid


 LOW  Low speed gear  12V effective
 15  AI  Analog signal (Reserved)  
 16  Z+(Z)  Encoder Z+(Z)

 Connect to Z+ when encoder is TLE5012B E1000

 Connect to Z when encoder is AS5047D

 17  A+(A)  Encoder A+ (A)

 Connect to A+ when encoder is TLE5012B E1000

 Connect to A when encoder is AS5047D

 18  B+ (B)  Encoder B+(B)

 Connect to B+ when encoder is TLE5012B E1000

 Connect to B when encoder is AS5047D

 19  GND  Motor temperature sensor -  Motor temperature sensor -
 20  HIGH  High speed gear  12V effective
 21  Reverse  Reverse  12V effective
 22  Brake  Brake  12V effective
 23  GND  Isolated 12V-  

Note: Customer shall pay close attention to the items marked by *

Power input & output terminals:

 Terminal Name  Signal Definition  Copper core: mm2, Metal terminal/Max size of cable insulation: mm  Rated voltage/current
 +  Battery input +  25/35,9.5~12  300V DC/150Arms
 -  Battery input -  25/35,9.5~12  300V DC/150Arms
 U  Output U phase  25/35,9.5~12  300V DC/150Arms
 V  Output V phase  25/35,9.5~12  300V DC/150Arms
 W  Output W phase  25/35,9.5~12  300V DC/150Arms

Commissioning tools

CAN communication:USB-CAN adapter

Programming computer:Computer equipped with corresponding software:

Typical electrical diagram

External Dimension:

Product pictures

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