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4KW Brushless DC motor

Product name: 4KW Brushless DC motor

Model: PE134835A (Inner tube)

一.Technical Specifications
Rated voltage/current: 48V/60A,60V/50A,72V/40A
Rated power: 3000W
Max power: 6000W
Max current: 100A
Max torque: ≧80N.m
Speed range(13/14inch tyre): 48V/45~55km/h (500~660 rpm)
72V/ 60~80km/h (800~1000 rpm)
(The actual speed maybe different. It depends on the weight of the vehicle)
Climb capability:≦11° (Vehicle weight not more than 600kg)
Working temperature: -20℃~120℃
二. Test data:
[ANNEX]                  [ANNEX]
三. Material
1,Hall sensor: Infineon TLE 4935L
2, Temperature sensor:KTY84-130
3,Magnet: N35SH (Temperature capability ≦150°C)
4,Phase cable:10 mm2
5,Hall connector:water proof
四. Mounting dimensions
1, Assembling drawing:

2,Disc brake drawing:


五. Application instructions
1,Cantilever installation drawing

2,Application photo

六. Package information
1, Net weight: 20kg
2,Gross weight:21kg
3,Polystyrene: 440mm*440mm*300mm
4,Carton: 460mm*460mm*315mm
Warranty period: 18 months
Maintenance regulations:
We can replace motor spare parts for free due to any quality failures. We are not responsible for any failures caused by incorrect operation or any misapplications beyond the above given technical instructions.
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