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D06 controller

                                                    D06 Frame E-Motorcycle Controller


Brief Introduction:

Vehicle control technology is integrated into this series controller to provide efficient 

control of the three-phase AC motor and BLDC for the e-motorcycle power drive system, 

providing the most cost-effective design for e-motorcycle developers and providing a flexible, 

comfortable and safe handling experience for e-motorcycle drivers and passengers.


To gain higher power density and overload capacity, SMD MOSFET and aluminum plate 

    coolingtechnology are adopted

The power supply of control signal can be provided by power battery

High-performance vector control algorithm to achieve full speed range of motor speed and 

    precisetorque control, improving vehicle power performance and comfort Flexible parameter 

    adjustmentfunction meets the excellent handling in various environments

Providing longer endurance mileage through braking and reverse energy feedback control

Achieve quick mass commissioning against same type of vehicles through control paned 

    orparameters copy or backup

Thorough fault self-diagnosis, monitoring and protection functions to achieve high reliability of the system

Multi-functional I/O terminals, meeting the requirements of different applications

Integrated high voltage pre-charge circuits, improving the all-in-one design

Natural cooling, force air and liquid cooling are adopted, covering overall power range

Customized software available for meeting different requirements of customers

CAN bus communication and software update by computer programming

Typical Application:

Applicable to e-motorcycles powered by rated voltage of battery 48 VDC

Controller Signal Connector:


The connector and terminals models related to vehicle wiring harness:AMP 770520-1/770854-1; AMP 770680-1 (plastic housing)

Copper core of cable:0.5~1.25mm2, Outer diameter of insulating layer:1.7~2.7mm

Commissioning tools:

CAN communication:USB-CAN adapter

Programming computer:Computer equipped with corresponding software

Typical electrical diagram

External Dimension:

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