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122 controller

                           PE72122 Controller Product Specification


 Product Introduction 
This product is the company's latest 1200W output power permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) 
controller. This product uses field oriented control technology (FOC, Field Oriented Control), and the power drive stage uses SVPWM modulation; 
The new ARM32-bit microprocessor is used as the main control chip, which can simultaneously handle tasks requiring high real-time performance 
in the torque loop, excitation loop, and speed loop; this control method can realize the maximum torque control, constant power control, and 
speed closed loop of the motor Control, braking energy feedback control. Compared with the traditional DC motor (BLDC) controller, it has the 
following obvious advantages:
•Direct torque control, smooth starting, good acceleration performance
•Vector control type sine wave current output, motor output torque is smooth, andlow frequency noise caused by motor torque fluctuation is fully suppressed
•As many as hundreds of parameters can be set by the host computer to improvethe

Main features 

•Energy feedback braking

•Brake, cruise, three speed options

•Overall waterproof terminal interface

•LED working status, fault status indication

Scope of application

•electrical motorbike

•Small electric car

•golf cart

•tour car

Main performance

System protection features

Schematic diagram of appearance size(unit: mm)

Electrical wiring diagram

Connector port definition


Note: Red is optional for HK3AC/HJ3AC

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