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2KW controller

Electric Vehicle Controller Product Specification
1. Product Descriptions

The product is the latest PMSM(Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)controllers made by our company, and the output power up to 2000W. The product uses the FOC algorithm in which SVPWM is used to drive the power device so that it injects sinusoidal current to the three-phase of motor. Meanwhile, by using a 32-bit microprocessor which incorporates the latest ARM core,it exhibits excellent operational capability and task processing ability. The system handles several close loops which include torque, flux and speed loop and at the same time other high demand of real-time task operation is possible. By advanced control solution the system can achieve the following performance: maximum torque control, constant power control, speed closed loop control and energy feedback control while braking. Compared with traditional DC motor (BLDC) controller, the PMSM controller has the following obvious advantages:  
Direct torque control,smooth start-up,excellent acceleration performance 
Vector control sinusoidal current injection and smooth motor output torque, which fully suppress the low frequency noise caused by the fluctuations of motor torque. 
Provide PC software(GUI),by which hundreds of parameters can be configured, improve the flexibility of on-site application; 
UART(standard )or CAN bus(optional) 
Over-current protection, over or under voltage protection and over-temperature protection.
1.1 Key features
1.On-site parameters tuning (Provide PC software)
2.System power-on self-checking function
3.Energy regenerative braking
4.Brake, cruise, and three-mode speed selection interface
5.LED for operation and fault status indication
6.Ultra-thin shape design, which is convenient for vehicle installation
1.2 Applications
·Electric scooter
·Small electric vehicle
·Electric golf cart
·Electric Sightseeing car
1.3 Specifications
Maximum Ratings & Main parameters
Rated voltage 48V-72V
Max battery current 80A
Rated output power 2000W
Operating temperature range -20℃~100℃
Storage temperature range -55℃~85℃
Motor control mode FOC(Field oriented Control)
Standby power consumption 20~40mA
Max motor speed limitation Depended on motor and configuration
Driving method Direct torque control
1.4 System Protection Characteristics
System protection characteristics LED blinking times
Over-voltage protection Battery voltage is higher than default value 1
Under-voltage protection Battery voltage is lower than default value 2
Motor Over-current protection Motor phase is short-circuit or phase to ground is short-circuit 3
Stalling protection Motor stalling time is over default value 4
Hall sensor protection Hall input is abnormal 5
MOSFET protection MOSFET self-checking is abnormal 6
Phase winding disconnect protection One of the motor phase is disconnection 7
Self-checking error protection System internal power-on self-checking is abnormal 10
Controller over-heat protection When controller operation temperature is higher than default value 11
Throttle protection Throttle input is abnormal 12
Motor over-heat-protection Motor temperature is higher than value of configuration 13
Governor handle idle protection Prohibit governor handle operating when system power on 14
Barking indication Indicating braking mode 15
1.5 Communication Characteristics
Communication characteristics
UART communication UART interface: parameter configuration and working state monitoring 
CAN communication(optional) CAN interface: parameter configuration and working state monitoring 
LED indicator light Indicate current working state or fault state
2. Directions for Use
2.1 Dimensions (unit: mm)

2.2 Standard PMSM Controller Wiring Diagram

2.3 Connecter Descriptions

Terminal No. Terminal descriptions remarks
14 Power supply for Hall Sensor inside Motor Connected to Motor Hall Sensor 
13 Hall Sensor U  
12 Hall Sensor V  
11 Hall Sensor W  
21 Ground   
9 Power supply for control circuit of controller Power ON/Off
10 Power supply for control circuit of controller Power ON/Off
16 Reserved/Braking input low level active  
15 Braking input high level active(+12V input) Braking 
26 Governor handle ground Speed control
27 Governor handle signal   
28 Governor handle power supply  
7 Cruising control ( Low level active) Cruising 
5 Ground   
17 Reverse control ( Low level active) Reverse control
5 Ground   
20 High gear input (or button input) 3-Gear control
4 Ground   
24 Low gear input   
23 HALL speed meter output Speed meter 
3. Product pictures

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