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D04 controller

Brief Introduction

Vehicle control technology is integrated into this series controller to provide efficient control of the three-phase AC 

asynchronous motor for the vehicle power drive system, providing the most cost-effective design for vehicle developers 

and providing a flexible, comfortable and safe handling experience for vehicle drivers and passengers.


●Compatible with asynchronous motors and synchronous motor drives

●To gain higher power density and overload capacity, SMD MOSFET and aluminum plate coolingtechnology are adopted

●High-performance vector control algorithm to achieve full speed range of motor speed and precise torquecontrol, improving 

  vehicle power performance and comfort

●Flexible parameter adjustment function meets the excellent handling in various environments

●Providing Longer endurance mileage through braking and reverse energy feedback control

●Achieve quick mass commissioning against same type of vehicles through control paned or parameterscopy or backup

●Thorough fault self-diagnosis, monitoring and protection functions to achieve high reliability of the system

●Protective cover of power I/O terminals for protection as factory default

●Customized software available for meeting different customers

●CAN bus communication

●12V vehicle system, 48-144V rated battery voltage system,rated output current range 250A~500A

Typical Applications

●A00 level pure electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle.

●Applicable to middle-distance passenger cars, sightseeing cars, logistics vehicles, and other electricvehicles

Control signal connector

Remarks: *Special instructions that customers must pay attention to;

All AI, DI and DO signal definitions are for reference only and can be customized.

Commissioning Tools

CAN communication: USB-CAN adaptor

Host: Dedicated PC software

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